Department Leader: George Bott


Theoretical Content = 70% which is made up of the topic areas listed below:

  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Sport and Society
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Biomechanical Movement
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sport and Society and the Role of Technology in Physical activity and Spor

Practical content = 30% which is made up of:

  • Assessment as a performer or coach in the full sided version of 1 activity
  • It is accompanied by a written / verbal analysis and evaluation of performance

OCR Cambridge technical extended certificate in sport & physical activity

It is made up of 5 Units:

  • Unit 1 = Body Systems and Effects of Physical Activity (Exam)
  • Unit 2 = Sports Coaching and Activity Leadership (Coursework)
  • Unit 3 = Sports Organisation and Development (Exam)
  • Unit 5 = Performance Analysis in Sport and Exercise (Coursework)
  • Unit 8 = Organisation of Sport Events (Coursework)

The table below can be used by students to work out what grade they need to achieve within each unit, in order to achieve their desired final grade.

Final level

Total points needed

One way to achieve this

Second way to achieve this

















My PE exam at KS5

In order to help students consolidate their subject knowledge and understanding within our PE examination courses at KS5, we have purchased an account with the following website:

This website will allow all students to log in and recap key terminology and content covered within lessons. Usernames and passwords will be provided to the students so they can access their accounts anywhere. It will be used within lessons and outside of lessons during intervention and for homework.

The purpose of the students using this website is to allow them to master each topic that has been delivered by the teacher. In order to do this they will need to watch a video and then carry out a quiz. If the students watch the clip and pass the quiz they become a master within that topic area. Teachers will be able to track students’ progress and engagement as they will be able to see when the student last logged in and also what topics they have mastered and engaged with.

This website will help your son / daughter with the following examination courses:

  • AQA A Level PE
  • OCR Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity (Unit 1 exam only)

Recommended Textbooks for PE A Level Courses

AQA A Level Physical Education

  • AQA A Level PE Book 1: For A Level year 1 and AS (Approx. £26)
  • AQA A Level PE Book 2: For A Level year 2 (Approx. £26)

These 2 text books will contain all of the relevant information that is covered over the 2 year course, however they will be delivered in logical topic sections which will incorporate content from both text books. For example all of the information in books 1 and 2 on Skill Acquisition will be delivered in year 1 of the course.

OCR Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity

  • Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Sport and Physical Activity (Cambridge Technicals 2016) (Approx. £23)

This textbook will contain all of the relevant information that is covered over the 2 year course for the 5 different units delivered. It will have all of the key content needed to help with the examination units (1 and 3) as well as useful details on the coursework units (2, 5 and 8)

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