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AQA Psychology A Level - 7182

Subject Information

Psychology is the scientific study of the brain and human behaviour. As part of your A Level we explore research into several different areas of Psychology such as cognitive and social psychology, research methods, relationships, biopsychology and psychopathologies. You will be expected to assess the quality of research in an analytical manner through extended pieces of writing.

You should have an interest in understanding the complexities of human behaviour, a critical mind-set and a desire to explore psychological research across a range of topics. A basic understanding of our physiology and statistical analysis will be useful as several topics focus on the body’s response and the significance of data collected from psychological research.

Pathways in Psychology

Psychology is useful for any future role that requires lots of interaction with others or an understanding of human behaviour and development. People with skills in Psychology are sought after in business, management, teaching, research, social work and careers in medical and healthcare.

Supplies Needed:

You will need an A4 folder/s, lined paper, subject dividers for each topic, general stationary such as pens, pencils, highlighters etc and a calculator

Course Content:

Exam Paper

Exam Time

Total Marks

Paper 1 - Introductory Topics In Psychology (Exam):

  • Social Psychology (24 marks)
  • Cognitive Psychology (24 marks)
  • Developmental Psychology (24 marks)
  • Psychopathologies (24 marks)

2 hours

96 marks

Paper 2 - Psychology In Context (Exam)

  • Approaches In Psychology (24 marks)
  • Biopsychology (24 marks)
  • Research Methods (48 marks)

2 hours

96 marks

Paper 3 - Issues & Options In Psychology (Exam)

  • Relationships (24 marks)
  • Stress (24 marks)
  • Addiction (24 marks)
  • Issues & Debates (24 marks)

2 hours

96 marks

Core Textbooks:

  • Cardwell, M & Flanagan, C, (2015), The Complete Companions: AQA Psychology Year 1 and AS Student Book (Fourth Edition) (Complete Companion Psychology), Oxford Press
  • Cardwell, M (2016), The Complete Companion for AQA Psychology A Level: Year 2 Fourth Edition Student Book (Complete Companion Psychology) Paperback, Oxford Press

Suggested Further Reading

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