The Four Houses

At Kettering Buccleuch Academy every student and member of staff belongs to one of our four Houses; Braveheart, Griffin, Phoenix and Viking.

When new students join us they are placed in a House with siblings being in the same House as each other.

Throughout the academic year there are a range of competitions which are designed to promote healthy competition and help to establish a sense of belonging and community. These competitions range from traditional sporting activities to our very own versions of game shows such as Countdown, Catchphrase and University Challenge.

Our Assistant Principal (Ethos and Values) Mr Mba, leads the House Championship with support from four Heads of House.

At all times during competitions our students and staff are asked to uphold our core values of respect, ambition and determination.

At the end of each academic year the winners of the House Championship are presented with The Buccleuch Cup as recognition for their achievements.


I am Mr Prowse and I am the proud house coordinator of Braveheart. I first joined the school in September 2017 and have been Braveheart ever since. As a former pupil of KBA, I am the proud Head of House for Braveheart: the only two-time winner of the House Championship. It gives me a sense of real achievement and pride in our House.

The Braveheart mascot is a lion; a beast best known for living in a pride – a family. This is exactly what Braveheart House is: a family. Together we support and encourage everyone’s achievement, whether it’s through participation in a theatre competition, or academic achievements such as becoming a millionaire reader. We strive to show our determination, respect, and ambition in everything we do throughout our school lives and help to achieve together. With everyone’s teamwork and determination to achieve, we can our historic double win into three Championships.

This comes down to you.

You can earn points for your House in many ways. Everyone can contribute towards the House Competitions. Regardless of your interests and/or abilities, there are a variety of ways to support Braveheart House. By entering House Competitions, by turning up to support Braveheart, by earning merits in your lessons, and by being here in school, every day you can all help us achieve our goal. Strive to be your best and earn house points for Braveheart.

I look forward to seeing as many of you participating and getting involved in various events and representing this fantastic house throughout this academic year.

Audi Nunc Rugiet - Hear Our Roar


To my glorious Griffins,

My name is Miss Watson and I am super excited to be the current Head of House for Griffin. I joined KBA in September 2022 and I cannot wait for us all to get started together. Throughout the year, we have got some amazing events planned and I’d love to see as many of you there as possible, representing Griffin House.

Even if you are not participating in the event, the rest of the Griffins would massively appreciate any support and encouragement you can give. Just coming along and being supportive is helping out your house. The events you have access to through school are so unique and really are part of KBA’s DNA. You will look back in years to come and tell the stories of when you were a Griffin.

Griffin House last won the House Championship in 2017 and the trophy has been itching to get the red ribbon back round its handles. I want us to be an elite group of students and staff. Griffins work hard, are proud, every day and work towards developing their skills, abilities and talents. The overall result is a collective of young people with ambition and respect for themselves, others and their community. 

As a Griffin, I want you to enjoy your school experience, and as a house, strive to be the very best versions of yourselves. I am looking forward to making magic with you all and turning KBA red again.

Let’s Go Griffins!


My name is Mr Mitchell and it is my privilege to be the current House of House for Phoenix House. I joined KBA in September 2020 and when I joined, Phoenix House had just been crowned winners of the House Championship. It is our goal to retain the Championship and defend what is ours.

Phoenix House are the reigning champions and contain an elite group of students and staff. Phoenix students work hard, with pride, every day to develop their skills, abilities and talents. The overall result is a collective of young people with respect for themselves, others and their community. 

The word ‘phoenix’ means ‘a person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect’. I personally see Phoenix staff and students and staff as uniquely remarkable in ALL respects. We never settle for anything less than the highest standards and always aim to be the best, whether that be during a House Competition or in the classroom.

The Phoenix is a mythical creature that lived for centuries and when it finally passed, it was reborn into a new cycle. Just as the House Championship starts its own new cycle, we aim to begin our new cycle. That cycle epitomises everything we stand for here at KBA. Just as the Phoenix is known to rise from the ashes, we rise up and find a way to succeed.

I look forward to working with the whole student body but above that, with our fantastic Phoenix students.

Remember to get involved on social media by tagging @KBAPhoenix and using #theriseofthephoenix to share your amazing success with us all.


Hello to our incoming Vikings, or should I say ‘heil og sæl’ which is ‘Hello’ in the Viking native tongue.

My name is Mr. Dillon and I am the very proud Head of House for Viking here at KBA. If you do not know much about the Vikings, we lived in Scandinavia from the 8th Century until the 11th century until we ventured inland to north-east Northamptonshire to Kettering. And here we are the remaining and ever-growing Vikings at KBA. You may have heard stories about us, generally as being brutal or commandeering, however we are most certainly the most intellectually and culturally advanced.

You have the privilege of belonging to the best House here at Kettering Buccleuch Academy, where we have the great fortune of being able to take part and show each of our individual talents to the wider school community. Students in our House represent their House daily, weekly and monthly inside and outside of school. These are Valiant Vikings who wear their colours proudly around the school and do their utmost in representing the school in extracurricular activities and academic performance.

You will each have your chance to take part and represent in Sports teams, House Competitions, charity events and most importantly, you will have the opportunity to earn points for your House by doing so!

A phrase you will hear at KBA, is that we are the ‘hardest working students in Northamptonshire’. Well, we Vikings are undoubtedly the ‘hardest working students in KBA’. The expectations that we have of ourselves are so high that only Valiant Vikings are able undertake.

Something we must remember as we approach each House Competition is that ‘bravery is half the victory’, spoken by the famous Viking, Harald Hardrada. We shall yell ‘SKOLL’ as we enter battle with our fellow Houses here at KBA. Skoll!


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