Department Leader: Mark Allen

Department Names Responsibility Email Address
Mr Allen Head of PE, Head of KS5 PE, OHSL and PE Medal Mission Leader
Miss Mackay Girls PE teacher, Head of Braveheart House
Mr Williams Lead Practitioner in PE, Head of KS4 PE, BTEC Internal Verifier
Miss Goodliffe Girls PE teacher, Head of Griffin House, Sports Day leader
Mr Thres Boys PE teacher, Head of Phoenix House, Badminton Leader
Mr Fraher Boy PE teacher, Assistant Principal, Rugby Leader
Miss Thompson Head of Girls PE and Dance, Gifted and Talented Leader
Mr Prowse Boys PE teacher, Maths teacher

PE Medal Mission

What is the aim?

  • To reward students who attend after school PE clubs and for those whom represent the academy in a sports fixture
  • There will be one point awarded for EVERY after school PE club you attend during Terms 1-5
  • There will be one point for EVERY fixture you play in Terms 1-5
  • There will be one point for EVERY time you assist in a fixture in Terms 1-5; for example, match reporter, officiating, assistant coach
  • This is for ALL students at KBA in Years 7-13.

How do I get involved?

The PE department will continue to offer a wide range of sporting opportunities to our students at KBA

There is a PE club ‘after school’ programme which will run all year, in a range of different sports

The after school PE clubs are run in a professional manner with drills and games to develop students’ abilities

There are regular fixtures in a range of sports

All clubs and fixtures will be displayed on the big screen TVs, on the website and also on the boards in the PE areas

All we ask in return is that you turn up, wear PE kit and be prepared to work hard and have FUN.

The PE department offers a range of courses at KS4 to suit all learners and their needs.


This is made up of 4 Units:

  • Fitness for Sport and Exercise (Exam Unit)
  • Practical Sports Performance (Coursework Unit)
  • The Mind and Sports Performance (Coursework Unit)
  • The Sports Performer in Action (Coursework Unit)

The table below can be used by students to work out what grade they need to achieve within each unit, in order to achieve their desired final grade.

Final level

Total points needed

One way to achieve this

Second way to achieve this

Pass (C grade)




Merit (B grade)




Distinction (A grade)




Distinction* (A* grade)





Theoretical Content = 60% (Exam) which is made up the topic areas listed below:

  • Health, training and exercise
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Movement Analysis
  • Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
  • Socio – Cultural Issues in Sport and Physical Activity

Practical content = 30% which is made up of:

  • 3 Sports - role of performer in the full sided version of the game
  • 1 team, 1 individual and 1 team or individual

Analysis of performance = 10% which is made up of:

  • Planning a training programme to bring about improvement in 1 of your selected sports

My PE exam at KS4

In order to help students consolidate their subject knowledge and understanding within our PE examination courses at KS4, we have purchased an account with the following website:

This website will allow all students to log in and recap key terminology and content covered within lessons. Usernames and passwords will be provided to the students so they can access their accounts anywhere. It will be used within lessons and outside of lessons during intervention and for homework.

The purpose of the students using this website is to allow them to master each topic that has been delivered by the teacher. In order to do this they will need to watch a video and then carry out a quiz. If the students watch the clip and pass the quiz they become a master within that topic area. Teachers will be able to track students’ progress and engagement as they will be able to see when the student last logged in and also what topics they have mastered and engaged with.

This website will help your son / daughter with the following examination courses:

  • BTEC Level 2 (Year 10 cohort only)

Students in year 7 and 8 are graded as either a Key, Boost, or Aspire across 9 KPI’s. KPIs 1 – 6 need to be achieved across 3 sports with at least one individual sports and one (different) team sport. KPIs 7 – 9 are achieved through written assessments.

Year 7 KPIs

Year 8 KPIs

Students will be assessed in a variety of sports that are both individual and team. For each individual KPI, the student should be aiming to achieve the academy minimum expectation of AT ARE (Boost). The student must also be working at this level in 3 different sports (1 team, 1 individual and the 3rd can be individual or team).

Criteria for assessment:

Less than 5 KPIs at Boost / Aspire = Below

5 out of 9 KPIs at Boost / Aspire = Working Towards

7 out of the 9 KPIs at Boost / Aspire = At

9 out of 9 KPIs at Boost / Aspire = Exceeding

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