GCSE Statistics

Exam board: Edexcel 

Paper 1

The assessment is 1 hour and 30 minutes   Calculators may be used in the examination    

Paper 2

The assessment is 1 hour and 30 minutes   Calculators may be used in the examination 



The Statistical Enquiry Cycle

Data Collection: Types of data (definitions), variables, data collection techniques and sampling.

Petersens formula

Data Presentation:

Venn Diagrams, Histograms, Pie Charts, Cumulative Frequency, Box Plots, Chloropleth Graphs, Stem and Leaf Diagrams, Two Way Tables

Central Tendency and Dispersion

Arithmetic, Geometric and Weighted means

Range, Inter Quartile Range, Standard Deviation

Median, Quartiles, Mode, Modal Class

Skew, Outliers

Scattergraphs and Correlation

Scattergraphs, Lines of best fit, interpolation and extrapolation

Product Moment Correlation Coefficient

Spearmans Rank Correlation Coefficient

Time Series,

Seasonal Variations, Moving Averages, Trends, Index Numbers


Tree Diagrams, Sample Space Diagrams, Conditional and Unconditional Probability, Mutuallly Exclusive events and associated formulae. Experimental, theoretical data and relative frequency. Bias.


Normal Distribution and standardized scores

Binomial Distribution. Mean and standard deviation. Means of samples.



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