Covid-19 Arrangements

All secondary year groups across the academy returned on Thursday 3rd September. This meant that every year group is now expected to attend. This is vital for childrens’ education and wellbeing and is something that we know will be welcomed across the school community.

Following the publication of the Department for Education’s (DFE) guidance for reopening schools, we have produced a risk assessment so that we can re-open for everyone in line with the government’s and scientists’ advice. Key to this will be ensuring that everyone in school follows excellent hygiene practices and that we are careful about the number of different people that students come into contact with at school.

This means a number of important changes to how the school runs. In particular:

  • Secondary students remain within their year group 'bubble' in order to avoid any non-essential mixing of year groups. Year groups are separated within the school wherever possible so that students have access to a minimal number of classrooms and use of communal areas is strictly controlled, whilst still being able to make use of specialist teaching spaces where appropriate;
  • Arrivals, break times, lunchtimes and end of school are staggered to minimise the interaction between year groups. Details of arrival and departure times specific to year groups are included further down this page.;
  • All areas of the school now receive more frequent cleaning and there is hand sanitiser available throughout the building. We continue to encourage students to wash their hands regularly and promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach for any sneezes or coughs;
  • Sport and Physical Education now predominantly take place out of doors and contact sports are not being played. There are no external sports fixtures with other schools or any participation in wider sporting activities;
  • On days when students have a PE lesson they must come to school dressed in their PE kits and remain in these throughout the day.
  • Pupils must bring their own items of equipment to school as sharing of items is not allowed. It is very important that you ensure your child has all of the equipment that they require, namely: school bag (appropriate for everyday school use), pencil case (ideally a clear case for use during any exams), pens (blue, black and green), HB pencil (we recommend a 2B pencil for drawing), ruler (300mm recommended), eraser, colouring pencils, highlighters, protractor, scientific calculator (we recommend the Casio Fx-83Gt Plus Scientific Calculator;
  • Extra-curricular clubs (including Breakfast Club and Homework Club) and other out of school activities are not taking place initially. This will be reviewed when we reach the October half term break;
  • The library is not open to students. This is in order to ensure that there is no sharing of books between students. Again, this will be reviewed when we reach the October half term break;
  • Students are only able to access the Welfare and SEND areas of the building if they have an appointment with a member of staff. In these instances students will always be collected from their Bubble.

By making these changes, we are able to follow the scientific guidance to ensure students are safe within the school.

We know that all students will require some degree of catch up after the disruption of the past few months. It is therefore essential that every student attends every day so that we can quickly return to normal curriculum content.

Please note that attendance will be required at school and will be monitored as it has been in the past. Unauthorised absence will be treated as such and followed up accordingly. Further details regarding procedures relating to students displaying symptoms of Covid-19 are included later on this page.

A full curriculum is being offered to all students although not all science lessons will take place in science laboratories.

We know that students thrive best when they have routine, consistency and stability around them. We are ,therefore, doing everything we can to ensure that, wherever possible, school life is as close to what they are used to as possible. Thus, all the academy’s existing policies and expectations on issues such as behaviour, attendance, homework and uniform will be in place as normal with updates as required to reflect adherence to safety and hygiene measures.

Arrangements For Arrival and Departure

As of September the academy’s main gates are closed to all vehicles except staff and deliveries. Parents who need to access the site to drop students off who have mobility issues are still, of course, allowed to do this. To this end please ensure that you carefully consider the logistics for dropping-off and collecting your child.

Students in our Sixth Form are not permitted to bring their own vehicles onto the academy site. 

When travelling to school we request that, wherever possible, students travel with other children in their year group bubble and practice social distancing. If they are travelling on public transport, they are required to wear a mask.

In order to meet the requirements of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment we have staggered the arrival and departure times for students as well as the points used to access and exit the academy site. Whilst appreciating that this aspect of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment may pose challenges to some families we must stress that this is non-negotiable.

The arrival and departure times, as well as entry and exit points, for students in different year groups are shown below.

Year 7 Arrival and Departure Information

Year 8 Arrival and Departure Information

Year 9 Arrival and Departure Information

Year 10 Arrival and Departure Information

Year 11 Arrival and Departure Information

Year 12 and 13 Arrival and Departure Information

Please note : Sixth Form students are unable to leave site at lunchtimes, therefore they will need to bring a packed lunch with them.

Hamiltons Bus Service

The bus to KBA provided by Hamiltons is curently running  with enhanced measures in place to protect children.

Students whose parents opt to pay for this service are allocated a seat on the bus and this is the seat they must use for every journey to and from the academy.

Students are expected to wear a face mask on the bus and may not be allowed to travel if they do not comply with this.

Details regarding pick-up and drop-off points can be found on the relevant page of our website. Click here to access this page.

Please be aware that a separate Risk Assessment is in place covering the use of the Hamiltons bus service.

Educational Trips and Visits

At this time we are not running any educational trips or visits during the current academic year.



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